About Us

Here at Little Farmers Family Daycare we believe children need not only a loving, nurturing environment to thrive but also a challenging and stimulating one. Children who feel safe, loved and comfortable will grow and challenge themselves to learn more. A child’s job is to play, that is how they learn and develop. Here at Little Farmers’ we do just that! We provide a safe, fun, consistent and challenging environment where your child will work on their social, emotional and cognitive development. They will have guidance and structure allowing them to build their self-help skills, which is vital to the development of their independent and critical thinking patterns. All of these areas are key components to becoming a healthy, happy and well-balanced person. We will do our best to make sure every child has the opportunity to explore each area through a wide variety of independent as well as group activities. Last but crucial would be open and honest communication between parent(s)/guardian(s) and myself as care provider. This is a foundational building block to your child’s success. I will work as a team with parents to keep a structured and consistent environment for your children by instituting the following key factors within our philosophy.